Friday, October 14, 2011

Maybe I Do Need A Roadie (Beat Up By A Bungee Cord)...

Funny thing happened to me on the way to my So Pas gig yesterday...  While loadin' up my cart to make the trek to my playin' spot, a bungee cord snapped and hit me in the face right below my left eye (ouch).  Woulda been nice if I was done packin' the cart, but nope just got started.  When I noticed I was bleeding I got a little scared.  I grabbed one of my packin' sheets and kinda stopped the bleeding so I could finish packin' and get my ass where it needed to go.  What a site to see...  Besides lookin' like a crazy homeless dude pullin' my cart through the farmers market, there I was with a sheet pushed against my face to hopefully stop the bleeding so I could set up and start playin'.  Mission accomplished!  Though I was a little late, I started playin' wondering if I looked as bad as I felt.  After a couple of songs, life was good again (at least for a few hours).  Packin' up my stuff and headin' back to the car in the dark (still wonderin' what my face looked like) was an extra special thrill. No worries though... A day later I just look like I got punched in the face, but I'm feelin' fine...Ya know, maybe I do need a roadie :)     

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Music Therapy Volunteer...

Ah, time for the changing seasons again…  Also time to begin my new music therapy volunteer (MTV) career at Whittier Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH).  Sometimes you beat your head up against the wall looking for a new music opportunity out there, and then other times you slip right into a cool one…  That seems to be the case at PIH…  Yours truly has been selected to become their first regular MTV to roam the halls as a minstrel of healing to sing & strum for our less fortunate, sickly friends.

As their first MTV, my duties include:
  • Making random room calls to patients (drive-bys) to see if anyone would like an individual live music session on the spot
  • Setting up randomly in hallways to provide a 30-minute set of live music therapy in a less-intimate manner
  • Setting up in larger lobby areas to provide an hour or so of live music to provide comfort for family, friends and loved ones while they’re waiting at PIH
  • Assisting PIH staff management with scheduling and auditions of new volunteer musicians that seek to join the PIH MTV team
  • Working with the PIH Auxiliary to provide musical entertainment in support of their fundraising events.
I am both thankful and honored to be able help our community by joining the impressive PIH team as a music therapy volunteer!  Yeah baby :)

Here’s a picture of me in my MTV uniform…