Saturday, July 12, 2014

Music Therapy Continues at PIH and now Big Bear Valley Hosp. too...

It's hard to believe I've provided almost 700 individual music therapy sessions at PIH in Whittier since Oct 2011.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching a patient smile and tap their foot while I play them a song to hopefully lift their spirits during their recovery...  Earlier this year, I began also playing for patients at the Bear Valley Hosp. in Big Bear Lake.  The healing power of music is amazing and a real thrill to deliver!

There's a few PIH pics at the link below...
Fred Gatchell

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I was inspired to write this new song to welcome my new little buddy to our family on 12/17/2013 (my daughter's b-day)... Her and her husband's courage and commitment to helping a new little life make an impact in this world is VERY impressive!  Here's the link for Lookin' For A Place:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finally got my cover song list updated today!  Check it out...
Howdy world... Yep I'm still alive :)  I continue to be quite busy working for a living... Thank goodness for my Wednesdays at PIH... In late-October I enjoyed playing several hours of country western tunes for the annual recognition event at PIH for the neonatal reunion.  What a cool tradition to see the doctors and nurses gather to honor the little folks that they helped survive a difficult birth!

My music therapy work at PIH is very rewarding!  I look forward to continuing my volunteer service until the cows come home :) 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ah... Feels good to be writing and recording again.  Been busy working for a living with not a whole lot of time for music except my on-going music therapy gig at PIH.  The birth of my new grand-daughter gave me the kick-the-ass I needed :)

Here's a link to a new song I pulled together yesterday to help welcome lil' Charlie to our world...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 PIH Tree Lighting Ceremony

It's Ho Ho Ho time once again!  Looking forward to a nice Holiday crowd at the Whittwood PIH building parking lot (corner of Santa Gertrudes & Whittier Blvd) next Friday evening, 12/7, between 6-7PM...

So what going to be happening?  Besides Santa arriving to greet the kids... Yours truly will be serenading the crowd with Christmas music...  If you're looking for some Holiday fun & festivities, come on down and join us!  Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sooo Long So Pas...

Sooo Long So Pas :(   We’ve had some fun Thursday nights at your farmers market.  Just won’t be the same without Greta, though.  Guess it’s time to be movin’ on…  Showed up for my scheduled gig earlier tonight and the “new” market manager said “Fred who?”  That’s cool…  More time for doin’ property inspections :)  Greta RIP…  It was nice working with a farmers market manager that treated musicians with respect!